GIS for the Classroom Continued

Saturday, July 19, 2014, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Presented by Eugenio Arima
Located in CLA 1.402
In track Instructional

This session is a continuation of the Friday GIS for the Classroom aimed at middle and high school Social Science teachers, both new and experienced, who want to use GIS techniques both to present new material, and as interactive assignments for students.

Methods may be applied to Human and World Geography topics, to empower teachers and improve student’s critical thinking through geospatial technologies.

(Included in the Friday session cost, intended to be taken together.)

GIS for the Classroom

Day 1: How does online mapping work?

  • Vector data model
  • Data structure: geographic elements and attribute table
  • Linking mapped elements to table with geocoding
  • Online sources, focused on Human and World Geography data
  • Choropleth maps
  • Graduated and proportional symbols
  • Role of color
  • Map interpretation: observing patterns, thinking about processes.

Lab exercise: Create your first online map.

Day 2: Basic cartography and interpretation
Lab exercise: Develop a geography lesson using GIS.