May 11th agenda


Texas-EU Business Summit 2021
Access to Trade, Investment & Innovation
May 11, 2011 Via Zoom

9:30amWelcome Remarks
9:45amEU Market Access Part I: Ireland, Italy and Luxembourg
Highlights three very different EU nations with compelling stories to tell: Ireland, Italy, and Luxembourg. Seasoned trade representatives from each country describe what sets their country apart and discusses the opportunities it offers.
10:30amEU Market Access Part II: Pomerania, Poland and Hungary
Takes a look at the fast-growing countries and regions at Europe’s heart. While they share many advantages, there are differences as well. Panelists will highlight both similarities and differences as well as what they mean for Texas businesses.
11:30amA New Digital Humanism: A European perspective for tech companies on both sides of the Atlantic
Austria is leading initiatives in tech diplomacy and cultural tech diplomacy. This discussion will highlight the experience of companies working with artists and governments on how technology can change and shape our common future and help us overcome our most pressing global challenges based on a set of common principles and values.
12:15pmHealthcare and Cleantech: Sustainable Growth and New Transatlantic Opportunities in Science Innovation
Healthcare and Cleantech: Sustainable Growth and New Transatlantic Opportunities in Science Innovation. As the pandemic and previous administrations fade into hindsight, we take a dive into the shifts in investment and business environments, the impact of technology adoption across advances in healthtech and renewables alike, and the opportunities that we anticipate to unfold over this year.
12:55pmClosing Remarks
1:00pmEnd of Program