James Koloditch

Mr. Koloditch has been a Commercial Officer for 18 years.  He is now serving his sixth tour in USCS as the Regional Director for Europe, overseeing operations in 28 countries.  His responsibilities include administration, policy, budget, and liaison with USDOC and other USG officials.

His most recent overseas posting was in Caracas, Venezuela, where he navigated through one of the most complicated commercial and political situations in the world, balancing export promotion with realistic advice about doing business in Venezuela and counseling exporters on trade payments and regulations.  He also provided business intelligence and analysis to the Ambassador, Country Team, and USDOC in Washington.

Prior to Caracas, Mr. Koloditch served as Deputy Senior Commercial Officer/Counselor for Commercial Affairs in Paris; Senior Commercial Officer in Oslo, Norway; Deputy Senior Commercial Officer in Santiago, Chile; and Director of Market Research in Mexico City.

Mr. Koloditch enjoyed a successful career as an international banker before joining the Commercial Service in 1993.  During employment with two banks, he performed a wide variety of international banking tasks: credit and country risk analysis; restructuring of large corporate loans while stationed in Mexico City during the 1980’s debt crisis; and   supervision of one bank’s international correspondent bank network.  As a trade finance officer, he provided financial and export counseling to businesses of all sizes.

Mr. Koloditch holds the MBA from Louisiana State University, the M.A. in Latin American Studies from the George Washington University, and the B.A. in Spanish from Davidson College.